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Tommy Alexander
plus support

Friday 21st January 2022

Listening Room @ The Cross Keys, East St, Thame, OX9 3JS

Doors 7.30 pm
Tickets £10 in advance, £12 on the night
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Empty Room Promotions 2021 ©
In association with Pilot Light Booking
Due to sound check restriction the door time indicates the earliest opportunity we can give access to the venue. Live music will start 20-30 minutes after the door open time.
Tommy Alexander is doing it all and doing it all very well. After self-releasing his brilliant alt-Country LP ‘Waves’ in 2020, Alexander found his record on numerous end of the year lists, including nods from KEXP and Magnet Magazine. By this point it is clear that Alexander has established himself as a facet of the indie music world from his impressive and burgeoning booking agency, Pilot Light Booking, to his own musical outpouring. Alexander pens timeless songs with a powerful and dynamic voice and an evolved grasp on dense and concise lyrical design.
So much of ‘Waves’ will continue to accompany you after just one listen. “Tears” plays like a jukebox jingle, ready to spring on you when –inevitably– things get worse, and you find new ways to cry. “I Blame Myself” will be there when you lie down, and when you wake, encouraging you to take responsibility for what comes with the new day. As Tommy ends ‘Waves’, it’s mystifying how he could’ve presaged the current collective mood with the short “Doing Things Together”, singing “Doing things together sure beats doing things away from you, yes it’s true I’m missing you tonight…”
I’m not much for prophecy, but my mind surely wants to categorize this as an album to help us through hard times. Lately it seems everyone is experiencing loneliness, and despair, but they’re also finding ways to create opportunities for their community. Tommy Alexander’s WAVES comes from the few important things we’re left with when illusions crumble: a chance at self reflection, the opportunity to be of service to others, and lived experiences that make good art.
- Written by Sean Jewell at American Standard Time
“Thought provoking music in an age of glib imitation.”
No Depression