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An Evening with
Sam Baker

Saturday 8th February 2020

Dinton Parish Church, Dinton, Nr Aylesbury, Bucks, HP17 8UG

Doors 8pm
Tickets £15 in advance
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Due to sound check restriction the door time indicates the earliest opportunity we can give access to the venue. Live music will start 20-30 minutes after the door open time.
It is great to have Sam back in Dinton Church again where he was so well received last time he played for us in July 2017. The evening will consist of stories, reminiscences and of course songs. Sam will be playing his first album, ‘Mercy’, in full.
Sam Baker is a man of few words. Always beautifully chosen, and fully wrought. Words placed like plants and objects in a Zen Garden. Baker turned inward; to relearn the use of his body and brain after a Peruvian train bombing almost killed him in 1986. It’s taken years to heal. Time to reconnect. The road back was arduous, but it opened up new vistas in art, poetry, and music.
Mercy, released in 2004, was the first in a trilogy of compelling albums with sparse instrumentation and poetic delivery. It was followed by pretty world in 2007 and cotton in 2009. Then say grace and now Land of Doubt. Each piece is imprinted with a theme: everyone is at the mercy of another one’s dreams, how beautiful are these days, talk about forgiveness, a reflection on gratitude, and now a reflection on doubt. Without dark there is no light. Without doubt there is no place for gratitude.
Baker approaches life with a positive attitude – “Life is a gift. I went through a lot of bitterness- a lot of anger. But those things are toxic. Gratitude for what remains is more helpful than resentment for what was lost. Ultimately, I came to understand that these days are wicked short and terribly beautiful.”
All I’ve got—no matter what I hold in my hands, drive around in, or put in the bank, - all I’ve got is this one breath, and if I’m lucky, I get another.”